Korean Lunch

Korean Lunch&Dinner - Aria

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  • Just came across your site while sicnaherg for more info on Brendan Brazier’s book, and, just like Kelly, have been sucked into reading and browsing the recipes. I didn’t waste any time and have already tried a few of them! I have been considering buying Thrive , but after reading the awesome recipes you’ve shared from the book, have decided to go ahead and order it. So, thanks for helping me make my decision. (Brendan should pay you for the great marketing or at least send you Vega products! lol). Anyway, your site has definitely been bookmarked and I’ll make it one of my regular stops on the interweb.

  • The Tofu House if my very favorite Korean rsntauraet. I was thrilled to discover that their freshly made on the premises tofu is made from locally grown, non gmo soybeans.Do you know whether the stock for the soups is all the same? I am vegan and I am always reluctant to order the soups bc I’m not certain that the soup base for the vegetarian options don’t contain meat.Thanks for your review.